Contact Lenses 

Contact lenses are medical devices. There are several types of lenses, and likely there are some that you've never heard of before. We fit them all with skill.   

Do they all look the same? Well, they are similar. They are round, and correct your vision, but that is where it ends. Oxygen transmission, optic zone size, bifocal strength, base curve, and on and on. 

Some lenses control myopia progression, others are best for sports.

But before we try a lens on your eye, we need to take eye measurements, look at the quality of your tears and then look at the quality of the fit of the lens. 

Although they are a commodity, contacts should be treated differently than buying a pair of shoes. 

For patients who want to know about any of their risks before they become a problem, we encourage you to request an Integrated Eye Examination with Dietary Evaluation.  

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