Doctor, my eyes feel scratchy, or watery. 
Can you help? 

Sure, we can. Let's start with the most basic test. We put a drop of yellow dye onto the eye, and look to see how thick and smooth the tear layer appears.

Which eye looks "dryer"?



Well, it is "A", of course. There are patches where there is no colour, and we see something called "staining". Patient "B" has a thick, smooth tear layer.  

At our clinic, we make it our mission to try to determine why a patient has poor tear quality.

Each cause is treated differently. 

Among the reasons are:

  • Medications

  • Diet

  • Tear Insufficiency

  • Allergy

  • Inflammatory Disease

  • Blepharitis

We would be happy to evaluate your

dry eye/ tear quality in our clinic.