99.9% of eye care offices do things the "old-fashioned way". 

Read how we do things differently, and patients love the results.

Toronto Integrated Eye Care 

Using a preventive approach to

Preserving Eyesight and Vision

99% of

eye clinics

Virtually all eye clinics approach general care the same way:  You (the patient) go through a general exam and if the doctor sees something suspicious (like a high eye pressure) then the doctor may say something like: "Mr. Jones, since your eye pressure is elevated, we should do the following tests......" 

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What if we told you that everyone has been doing it in reverse, and if we offered you an advanced, more preventive model of eye care? Well, here it is: Let's do all of these advanced, sophisticated tests BEFORE you show any signs or symptoms?   

                                         To us, it makes more sense!   

Our clinic is equipped with instruments which, just a few years ago, could be found in hospital settings, or in advanced laboratories. We should use all of this technology in our clinic BEFORE diseases like glaucoma, macular degeneration and ocular surface disease set in. Add to this approach advice on important dietary and lifestyle practices, and then we can all sleep at night knowing that you, our patient is well cared for. What a great approach to health care. 

                       We are proud to be in this 0.1%!!