Technology at its best!

By far, the most impressive, detailed way to evaluate the health of the retina is by using OCT. (optical coherence tomography)

Just a few years ago, this technology was only available in hospital settings. Today, we use OCT technology to view the retina and optic nerve in cross-section, and use this technology to help preserve eyesight for our patients. 

It is the main instrument used to properly diagnose and monitor GLAUCOMA and DISEASES OF THE RETINA. 

The OCT is invaluable in detecting eye disease at the earliest stages.

It is one of our keystone instruments in our philosophy of practicing preventive eye care. 


This is one of our patients. She has glaucoma. The red area tells us that, for her age, her nerve layer is thinner than it should be. 

This is not detectable with any other instrumentation.