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Advances in contact lenses in the past several years have been outstanding. These advances have allowed us to deliver superior comfort and excellent vision to patients who have struggled with lenses in the past. Here are some of the lenses which we commonly use:


Irregular cornea shapes require specialty  lenses.


Overnight myopia lens.


These lenses, as opposed to corneal lenses, rest on the sclera (the white part of the eye) and vault over the cornea. Since they do not touch the cornea, they are very comfortable. In certain cases (keratoconus, high myopia, irregular astigmatism) they are the only lenses that we use. The other benefit of these lenses is that they are also the lens of choice for patients who have eyes which are too dry to wear soft lenses. If you have not been successful with other lens types, then scleral lenses may be the lens of choice for you.

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These are specialty lenses that are worn while sleeping. With these contact lenses in place, the cornea is gently re-shaped and vision is corrected overnight. In the morning, once the lenses are removed, vision is clear for the balance of the day. This type of contact lens is an excellent alternative to laser correction. The other use for this type of lens is to control myopia in children. This contour of lens creates a “plus” lens in the mid-periphery which controls the progression of worsening vision in kids. This is one of the tools that we use in our myopia control program

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These lenses are used for patients who have vision requirements which require two different lens prescriptions. (One for distance, the other for near). We typically use this type of lens in patients who are over 40 years of age and require reading glasses. Bifocal lenses require a special skill set to properly fit, but the end results can be life-enhancing. If you would like the freedom from reading glasses, bifocal lenses can give you that freedom.

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Astigmatism is a vision defect where some part of the eye is oval. The oval form of the eye causes objects at all distances to be blurred. The more oval the eye, the greater the blur. Toric lenses are used to correct the astigmatism and bring objects into clear focus. These lenses can be challenging to fit, but Dr. Hareychuk is an expert in this field. He delivered a lecture on the topic of toric lenses at the prestigious American Academy of Optometry.

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