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This is the trademark that is held by our clinic.

Everything that we do in the clinic is dictated by this phrase. Let’s take a look at this phrase, and what it means to you, our patient.


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Several years ago, our clinic hosted a focus group, and we asked if there was a difference between eyesight and vision. Well, there most certainly is.

When we claim to preserve eyesight, our goal is to protect your eyes against diseases like CATARACT, GLAUCOMA and MACULAR DEGENERATION. These diseases can rob you of your EYESIGHT. This relates to deterioration in your ability to see, and is NOT CORRECTABLE with eyeglasses or contact lenses.

By using specialized testing procedures as part of our standard examination routine, we are able to detect the earliest changes in tissues of the retina (and other tissues) and give advice to our patients so that their eyesight lasts a lifetime. Book an Integrated Eye Exam today!

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Once we are sure that your eyes are at their optimal health, we can then address the second part of our trademark. Enhancing vision means that we will give you the best advice about enhancing your vision. This may mean suggesting that we fit you with a special contact lens. In other circumstances, it might be a special design of a digital lens in your glasses that will optimize your vision.

When it comes to children, we are proud to be experts in myopia control. This means that we fit special eyeglasses and contact lenses designed to prevent a child’s vision from getting worse. For this category of patient, enhancing their vision will also preserve their eyesight by reducing a child’s chances of getting glaucoma or macular degeneration by controlling their myopia with these specialized optics.

This is just a brief overview of what we do in our clinic. We would love to have the privilege of having you as a patient. Come see why we are one of the leading eye clinics in Toronto.

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